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Elizabeth has joined David White & Associates, a local independent financial advising firm in San Ramon, CA to bring Outer Economics to her Inner Economic work. Click on the link to learn more about the firm!

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 Inner Economics is a process of becoming aware of how economics and your relationship to money play out in your life. It is a new envisioning of Economics that finds its roots in the old - reclaiming the essence of the word "Economics" by going back to its Greek root: oikos-nomos (oiko + nemein) which means "management of the household".

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A first step- Money Coaching: Looking at your relationship to money

In our current society economics is primarily associated with finances and money. A natural starting point for Inner Economics is to look at your relationship to money and to the material world, from the inside out.

This enables the possibility of disentangling ourselves from an unhealthy co-dependency with money and discovering the bigger picture of economics and wealth. Over time money has represented many things (sacred objects, medium of exchange, store of value, etc.) and has built and destroyed societies.  It can be felt as a mysterious force that drives the undercurrents of the world or, in the cases which we have a lot of it and feel at ease with money yet somehow still unfilled in our lives, money can be replacing other basic needs.

Money can be an ally and work with us to reveal the deeper messages of life. By taking a deeper look at your relationship to money, you can begin to reveal what money really is (and what it is not) and what it represents in your life and in the lives of your parents, family and culture. In this process you can reveal what lies at the root of any sense of dissatisfaction you may currently have.  Oftentimes it is the amount of power and mystique that we place on money, when in fact the roots of our personal and collective disease is much deeper. Awareness of what money can and can not do is essential in harnessing the resources, fuel, and power that are accessible from within and indispensable for transforming ourselves and the collective whole. Please see the "Services" page for more details on Money Coaching.

The bigger picture: Economics as an Alive, Dynamic Function of Life

Economics, in this perspective, can be seen as a dynamic function of life and of home, taken as a verb rather than a noun- it pertains to all of us. It is the art of household management which considers the inherent resources of ecology, environment and community present within and outside each one of us, resources which are essential to our unfolding and development, as individuals and as a collective expression of Life. Economics is applied at global and national levels, outside as well as within.

Inner Economics is the inward journey of this process of economics. Through Inner Economics you can better understand, acquire and discern the handling of the resources that are naturally embedded in your unique expression. Through greater awareness you can begin to distinguish between tangible and non-tangible needs, and develop more coherent and synergetic strategies to actualize your intrinsic potential.